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Improving Indiana's Infrastructure

Together We Will… strive to improve Indiana’s infrastructure.

Significant work needs to be put into a state’s infrastructure to entice new industry, and that begins with our highway systems and improving our downtown areas. The most challenging part is finding the funds to create the improvement. Let’s create a solution together that will bring in new business to the state of Indiana, and help our cities continue to thrive.

"We have passed meaningful tax cuts for Hoosiers while increasing education funding and making key transportation investments that will support businesses and new job growth in our communities."

Jim Merritt

Helping Grow Our Hoosier State

There is no doubt that Indiana needs high-quality infrastructure to help contribute to America’s overall economic recovery. We must continue to improve our infrastructure, especially our highway systems and downtown areas, to help entice new industry to our state.

A significant challenge is how to finance improved highway systems in the future.

This is largely financed through gasoline taxes, but more and more vehicles are running on cleaner fuels — natural gas and electricity. The question of the future: how do we finance highways with dwindling tax revenues?

If you want a growing economy, people must be able to move around easily.

New industry looks at the infrastructure, and ours needs work. We need to make the necessary investments in infrastructure, research, and education on this issue to put people to work today and grow our Hoosier economy for tomorrow.

We must move to improve Main Street Indiana to ensure our communities are vibrant and vigorous.

By improving Main Street Indiana, we can create a strong economy that is not only vital to Indiana’s economic success, but to our country’s.

We have set aside $84 million to allow any two cities or counties to improve their infrastructure.

The two cities or counties can compete for the money that will help them improve their infrastructure as long as they match the money they receive. I support this approach that is alive and well.

I believe in increasing funding to make key transportation investments that will support businesses and new job growth in our communities.

I think that we have a great opportunity for the utilities and for the administration and for the public to come together and have a good program that means something for everyone and also is achievable.