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Creating Healthcare Opportunities for Indiana

Together We Will… deliver quality healthcare and wellness at an affordable rate.

The less fortunate people who can’t avoid to pay for healthcare are the folks who are in the most need. Indiana has an answer for helping people who can’t afford to pay for healthcare, and the solution is the Healthy Indiana Plan, also known as HIP 2.0. This new plan pays for medical expenses as well as provides incentives for Indiana residents to be more health conscious. Together we can become more healthy.

"Our state has an incredible network of passionate and dedicated Hoosiers who work tirelessly to keep Indiana’s neighborhoods safe, healthy and drug-free. We have made important gains to reduce synthetic drug use, and though the fight is not over, I believe other states will benefit from hearing Indiana’s story."

Jim Merritt

Delivering Quality Healthcare to Indiana

I feel we are morally obligated to help people with health care if they cannot afford it. I believe our version of health care, HIP 2.0, is an effective way to accomplish this responsibility. I also believe we owe it to our younger generation to aggressively help them with both their physical and mental health.

I believe any Healthcare plan should have incentives for wellness… ways for people to avoid getting sick. HIP 2.0 does that.

HIP 2.0 builds upon the framework and success of the Healthy Indiana Plan by establishing an even more robust health coverage model to replace traditional Medicaid for all non-disabled adults, ages 19-64.

I authored Senate Bill 406 in 2015, which makes the antidote for a heroin overdose, Narcan, available to the public by prescription.

More lives can be saved by allowing a family member or friend of an addict to have Narcan available if needed. Under this legislation, there will be no liability for the professional prescribing Narcan, the pharmacist dispensing it or the person administering the drug.

I support health-care funding for certain poverty-level Hoosiers through cigarette taxes.

To this point, I support HIP 2.0, which delivers quality care to highly satisfied members. It has encouraged members to use preventive care, and it has decreased the use of the emergency room for non-emergency conditions.

Implementing HIP 2.0 and making HIP available to more Hoosiers.

Through the implementation of HIP 2.0 and the availability of HIP to more Hoosiers, Indiana replaces traditional Medicaid for all non-disabled adults ages 19-64, while ensuring all Hoosiers have access to affordable health insurance.

I believe in giving law enforcement officers and prosecutors new tools to crack down on dangerous synthetic drugs.

I will work diligently as a member of this commission to give our Hoosier State the honor and dignity it deserves.