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Protecting Your Quality of Life

Together We Will… ensure and protect our fellow Hoosier’s quality of life.

Life should be lived with healthy minds. Today’s society is full of reckless drug abuse, alcoholism, mental health issues and the lack of knowing that there is help available. Families today are faced with issues we didn’t necessarily have as kids, society is changing and the pressure to succeed is becoming overwhelming. Together we can create a solution for todays everyday struggles with substance abuse and mental issues.

"There must be no hesitation when it comes to saving the life of a minor or protecting someone from harm. With the help and input of young Hoosiers and their families, we came up with this proposal to ensure minors take action to help others in emergency situations."

Jim Merritt

I support our lifeline law. It states that if you see someone who needs medical attention – for example a drug overdose victim — and the person calling is under age 1, they can alert authorities with immunity from prosecution. They should not have to pay for trying to save another’s life.

Protecting Your Right to Quality of Life

To me, quality of life includes healthy minds free of chemical substances. Drug abuse, especially among our young people, is one of our most pressing issues. Today’s families are challenged by issues we didn’t have as kids. We must address these issues.

Drug addiction and alcoholism must be treated as the diseases they are.

So many people today are treating these serious diseases as not moral or necessarily mental health issues. I support measures that move us in that direction.

Today’s younger generation is under enormous pressure to succeed.

Unfortunately, it’s pushed many to wonder if life is worth it. Depression and other forms of mental illness need to be prioritized and treated as illnesses, not some sort of mental deficiency.

Heroin addiction is a crisis in our state, especially in southern Indiana.

I support our needle exchange for addicts, and I have held many public forums on how best we can address the threat of addiction.

Making our children aware of the dangers and issues that many young people face today.

As a legislator, I have talked to 28,000 kids about issues such as texting while driving, sexting, drug and alcohol use, teen suicide and depression. I will continue this effort as one of my highest priorities.

We must do a better job of letting our people know help with addiction and with mental problems is available and where to find it.

Drug manufactures find new ways every day to target young people with unsafe, illegal substances that can lead to serious health issues and long-term drug-abuse problems. We must continue to adapt Indiana’s drug laws as these new substances arise.

Our children will make mistakes, just as we did when we were young. But many of these mistakes need not follow them for life.

Indiana legislators passed the Lifeline Law, first and foremost, to help save lives due to underage alcohol abuse. No young life should be lost because his or her friends were too scared to call for help.

I support Safe Haven: This bill allows parents to drop off babies they do not want or cannot support at hospitals or fire departments or other first responders with no questions asked.

Though we may not be there every day guiding them in their decisions, parents can take some comfort knowing there are safeguards in place, like the Lifeline Law, to protect our kids.