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Preparing for Jobs of the Future

Together We Will…prepare our younger generations for the jobs of today and the future.

Everyday should be spent preparing for the future, and this includes prepping our younger generation for the jobs of today. This goes hand in hand with the issues of education and quality of life. New employers won’t consider Indiana if it possesses a weak education system and an ill-prepared workforce. Together we can prepare and learn for future endeavors.

"The Indiana Career Council will help tie career preparation programs to the expectations of employers. This is a crucial step to closing the skills gap that is holding many Hoosiers back from attaining today’s open jobs. The council will allow for seamless communication between those who train our workforce and those who hire."

Jim Merritt

Preparing our Youth for Tomorrow’s Jobs

This goes hand in hand with my emphasis on education and on quality of life. We cannot talk new jobs – i.e. economic development – without a major commitment to education. New people and employers won’t move to areas with weak educational systems that produce an ill-prepared workforce.

We must support technical schools so they can provide the skilled workforce we need.

This is a high-tech world, and our children need high-tech training for the better paying jobs of today and tomorrow.

Secondary education must push harder to create a high-tech workforce.

An excellent way to get new employers into Indiana is with a well trained workforce. In turn, this will slow our brain drain.

I am proud that we are a state that makes employers and people feel welcome.

We do not have the “spaghetti bowl” of red tape that hinders many states in their quest for new employers.

We are a low tax and tax-friendly state, and this is a big plus for economic development that leads to new jobs.

For the same reason, I support our simplified individual and corporate tax structures.

To remain competitive in our nation’s growing technology-based industries, Indiana needs more innovative, high-wage jobs for Hoosiers.

We need to address leadership and workforce development within the water sector to ensure our water utilities continue to be managed properly.