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Supporting Education for Our Future

Together We Will…empower future generations by taking a stand for education today.

An education is one of the most important things we can give to any human being. It is the only thing we can give to our younger generation to help them stand a chance in this increasingly complex society. Let’s make the choice together and choose education as our goal.

"I lean strongly toward issues that give our younger generation a fighting chance in this increasingly complex world."

Jim Merritt

Providing a Future for Generations to Come

I am proud that our state emphasizes education more than anything else – more than half of our budget goes towards it. In general, I think we need to do more, not less, for our children, especially those who might otherwise fall through the cracks without our help or attention. This is neither a conservative nor liberal point of view. It’s simply the right thing to do.

We have too many kids whose families live at or below the poverty level.

It is critical we have good schools that provide a good education that leads to good jobs with good salaries.

1 in 5 children goes hungry every day.

Our schools are-and should be a place to receive proper nutrition. In various school districts around the state children take home food in backpacks for the weekend. I’m grateful this practice takes place in our state.

Each elementary school should have a professional counselor.

I see this as a pro-teacher issue and I endeavor to continue work on the topic.

Children learn differently, and we need more diversity in how we educate them.

For example, we need to set aside money for alternative education for children who are kicked out of school. Rather than have them walk the streets, we need a suspension or alternative education school to keep them in the education system.

Teachers need higher salaries.

I believe that the education of our youth is the development of our future, which is why those teaching our youth deserve higher salaries.

Create opportunities for more knowledgeable instructors to teach our youth.

I believe we have many professionals without teaching credentials who would make excellent instructors in their specialties. We need legislation that would allow this to occur.

We owe so much to the men and women who have fought to protect our freedom. Helping them receive a college education is a simple act we can take to show our gratitude for their sacrifices.

We need to address leadership and workforce development within the water sector to ensure our water utilities continue to be managed properly.