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Believing in Fiscal Responsibility

Together We Will… balance our budget to keep our educational system and economy strong.

Indiana is a proud owner of a balanced state budget, which includes keeping our educational system and economy strong. Companies like predictability when it comes to taxes, and we have that. Let’s take a stand and grow our economy together.

"I, personally, am ready to not only continue working to make a name for Indiana in terms of economic development, but also through reformed criminal penalties that emphasize public safety and fiscal responsibility."

Jim Merritt

Working to Make a Name for Indiana

As a state lawmaker, I have supported and I am proud of the fact we have a balanced state budget. I would carry this philosophy to any elected office I might hold.

A balanced budget must include keeping our educational system and our economy strong.

Through dedicated leadership and fiscal responsibility, we are committed to creating a low-tax, pro-growth atmosphere for Hoosier families and businesses, discovering better energy alternatives and methods of conservation, along with providing quality health care and education.

As your state senator, I will continue to promote smart government while ensuring vital public services are funded and providing the intended benefits to Hoosiers.

Keeping taxes low and government efficient are strong Hoosier values. Commitment to these principles helps grow our economy and maintain the fiscal stability that our state is known for around the country.

I support our constitutional amendment capping property taxes.

I support our constitutional amendment capping property taxes and specifically outlining the tax structure for retail and corporate entities. This goes hand in hand with growing our economy: companies like predictability in taxes, and we have that.

Allowing Indiana counties to fulfill their local need with our $2 billion surplus.

Because fiscal responsibility provided us with a $2 billion surplus, I propose taking the interest on that money and flowing it back to counties; they can then spend it on pressing local needs.

This is an extraordinary time in the life of our state. Elected officials must face the next year with optimism, knowing that if we pool our efforts and face challenges together, Hoosiers will be better off because of it.

We need to address leadership and workforce development within the water sector to ensure our water utilities continue to be managed properly.