Senator Jim Merritt | Hoosier Heart | Heart of Indiana

Hoosier Heart

Our 21st Century problems must be solved with heart.

Often times, we tend to think most anything can be fixed with money. When our communities need a new roadway or a new school or even a new prison, we help solve the problem with money. But for Indiana to address problems like drug addiction, poverty and hunger, money alone will not solve the problems. WE must open our hearts – our Hoosier Hearts –to work on a much broader and higher priority.

"Indianapolis is an exciting place. We have come a long way in the past seven years. I am proud of Indianapolis, and truly believe we have even brighter days ahead."

Jim Merritt

Most of us take pride in being a Hoosier.

Senator Jim Merritt | Hoosier Heart | Heart of Indiana

We use it beside words such as friendly, open-minded and helpful.  The people to whom it is now applied are among the bravest, most intelligent, enterprising, magnanimous, and democratic in our country.

Our Hoosier Heart

Our Hoosier Heart, our collective social conscience, demands that we care for people in deeply human ways. We need better educations for our kids to compete in the global marketplace, our hungry need to be fed, our jobless need training not handouts, our addicts need treatment not prison …

The biggest problems we face today are not political, or religious or even moral in nature. Our problems are hidden deep in decaying neighborhoods. Hungry kids are attending substandard schools. Adults are wasting away in our prisons.

No governor or politician or state agency or institution can address today’s challenges alone. But together we can accept these challenges. Together we can surmount these challenges. Together we will.

Though we may not be there every day guiding them in their decisions, parents can take some comfort knowing there are safeguards in place, like the Lifeline Law, to protect our kids.