An Honest Leader Who Represents Our Conservative Values | Senator Merritt for Indiana

State Senator Jim Merritt

Fighting For Our Families And Our Future

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A Record of Results for Hoosier Families

Investing In Our Schools | Merritt for Indiana

Investing In Our Schools

Jim Merritt is committed to making sure our schools are well-funded and teachers well-paid. Jim Merritt voted to spend more than half of every dollar in the state budget on education, and funding for K through 12 education has increased by $1 billion dollars over the last five years.

Protecting Our Communities | Merritt for Indiana

Protecting Our Communities

Jim Merritt has led the fight to protect our communities by working closely with law enforcement, the healthcare community and the families affected by opioid addiction to expand access to addiction treatment, increase drug prevention programs and crack down on drug dealers, dangerous criminals, and gangs.

Funding Our Roads | Merritt for Indiana

Funding Our Roads

Jim Merritt worked with Governor Eric Holcomb to pass a fully funded long-term infrastructure plan. 100% of the funds are devoted to state highway, bridge and local road projects and maintenance.

Economic Growth Through Lower Taxes | Merritt for Indiana

Economic Growth Through Lower Taxes

Jim Merritt has a successful track record of cutting taxes and regulations to promote job-growth and higher wages. He's fought for Hoosier taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money by focusing on cutting income taxes, eliminating the death tax, and capping property taxes.

An Honest Leader Who Represents Our Conservative Values | Senator Merritt for Indiana

I am honored to have the opportunity to represent Hoosiers in State Senate District 31, which covers portions of Marion and Hamilton Counties.

As a lifelong resident who has lived, helped run the family business and raised our children in Indiana, I am committed to creating a better and safer state for Hoosiers. Through partnerships with strong conservative Governors such as Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence, and Eric Holcomb, I have worked to improve the state’s economy, reduce spending and balance the budget, keep taxes low, and protect our conservative Indiana values including the right to life and our Second Amendment freedoms.

Recently I decided to lead the charge in Indiana against the opioid epidemic, which is destroying families and communities throughout our state. I have made it my mission to tackle this crisis and stop the tragic deaths and broken families caused by addiction and overdose. I am focused on addressing this issue by enacting harsher punishments on drug dealers, developing better prevention for our young people to say no, treatment plans to help those who need to recover and prevent more Hoosiers from becoming addicted.

Working together and, with your support, we will keep Indiana moving forward.

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